Across Health is an end-to-end boutique consultancy and trusted advisor to senior leaders of innovative multinational healthcare organizations.

At Across Health, we develop, execute and measure pragmatic, evidence-based omnichannel customer engagement strategies and companywide digital innovation and transformation programmes that unlock growth opportunities and strengthen your competitive advantage. 

Since research began, the Across Health Navigator365™ has surveyed more than 65,000 physicians in over 25 therapeutic areas worldwide on their omnichannel affinities and behaviour. The insights (Navigator365™ Core, Navigator365™ Cx Benchmark, Navigator365™ Payer), are accessible via a self-service, cloud-based platform through highly interactive tools and reports. 

Across Health is a proud member of Precision Value & Health, the commercialization services division of Precision Medicine Group.  

A Life in a Day is the brainchild of The Method, a British company specialising in immersive and interactive learning and development programmes. A Life in a Day focuses on giving pharmaceutical and healthcare professionals greater insight into the challenges that patients with chronic health conditions face by allowing them to step into a patient’s shoes. An award-winning, innovative programme, its experiences are rooted in patient insight and uses the theatrical background of co-founder Mark Doyle, an experienced actor, to elicit emotional responses and support the development of patient-focused and empathetic working practices.

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BBC Studios is responsible for the global, commercial operations of BBC News outside of the UK.

As the world’s most trusted international news broadcaster, accurate, impartial news is available via the 24 hour news TV channel – BBC News.

Our digital destination,, has had a major upgrade (now live in North America and rolling out to the rest of world in 2024). It brings together the best of the BBC’s global journalism and storytelling, in areas where we resonate most with audiences; – global news, business, innovation and sustainability, among others.

As a commercial arm of the BBC, we work with brands to create partnerships which connect them with our curious and globally-minded audience through bespoke branded content, sponsorship and advertising opportunities.
We can help you reach both your B2B and B2C target markets and already partner with a number of global pharmaceutical brands.

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Creatio is a global vendor of a no-code platform to automate workflows and CRM with a maximum degree of freedom. Millions of workflows are launched on our platform daily in 100 countries by thousands of clients. Genuine care for our clients and partners is a defining part of Creatio DNA. 

Creatio offerings include a no-code platform (Studio Creatio), CRM applications (marketing, sales and service), industry workflows for 20 verticals and marketplace add-ons. Creatio is recognized as a Leader and Strong Performer in multiple Gartner and Forrester reports. Creatio products receive raving end-user reviews on peer-to-peer portals.  

Our customers enjoy the freedom to own their automation. Freedom is provided through unlimited customization, the ability to build apps without a line of code and a universe of ready-to-use templates and connectors.

Creatio is headquartered in Boston, MA.  We have 700 employees in six offices and a local presence in 25 countries. Creatio has long-lasting relationships with thousands of customers and partners with 700 GSIs and local integrators.

Digitas Health London is a global, networked healthcare agency, built around the ethos of People-Powered Health. Our work begins with seeing the human in the patient; a real person we can speak to with stand-out ideas. Where it ends is improved healthcare experiences for everyone involved. 

We design connected experiences for connected people. We help drive impact for healthcare organisations through highly-targeted, personalised communications. We use the smartest technologies to power enhanced, data-driven engagement. 

Doceree is a global platform building unique solutions for healthcare professional (HCP) programmatic messaging with proprietary data tools.  It facilitates messaging between life sciences brands and HCPs through an extensive global network of digital endemic and point-of- care platforms to programatically deliver personalized communications to HCPs at scale.

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Kaleyra, Inc. is a global group providing mobile communication services to financial institutions, e-commerce players, OTTs, software companies, logistic enablers, healthcare providers, retailers, and other large organizations worldwide.

Kaleyra today has a customer base of 3800+ companies spread around the world. Through its proprietary platform and robust APIs, Kaleyra manages multi-channel integrated communication services, consisting of messaging, rich messaging and instant messaging, video, push notifications, e-mail, voice services, and chatbots.

Kaleyra’s technology makes it possible to safely and securely manage billions of messages monthly with over 1600 operator connections in 190+ countries, including all tier-1 US carriers.

Little Journey is one of the UK’s fastest-growing and most exciting health tech companies. Driven by a mission; to be the catalysts for data-driven patient-centric care. In working to achieve this, Little Journey has strived to radically improve patient outcomes for children, combining clinical expertise, co-design, and discovery led development to directly address the concerns and needs of children, and their families, through their healthcare or clinical trial journey.

The little journey app specifically addresses peri-procedural anxiety in paediatric patients, and alleviates concern and anxieties for caregivers and family members.

A psycho-educational tool; Little Journey allows children and families to take a 360o virtual tour of the hospital or clinical facility they’ll be attending, guided by animated doctors, nurses and other clinical staff (presented as animals for younger users), to fully prepare them for their visit. Furthermore, the app operates as a one-stop portal for caregivers, providing appointment tracking, and information about the hospital, treatment, fasting requirements and other potential queries or concerns. The relaxation and distraction tools are fun and usable for all the family, particularly in distressing or uncomfortable clinical settings (they’re designed to be used with one hand!)

Designed in partnership with the LEGO foundation, Little Journey’s modules prepare children for their visits by educating them through the means of play. The approach also allows for collection of engagement and support data for clinical staff.

Little Journey is now utilised in over 20% of NHS hospitals, and supports several clinical trials globally; available in over 15 languages, with over 10 procedures supported, the solution can be built and tailored dependent upon the required procedures or localisations.

MedAll stands at the forefront of digital healthcare communities. We’ve built one of the fastest-growing and most engaged medical communities on the planet, by understanding that today’s healthcare professionals (HCPs) want genuine, value-driven interactions. MedAll is the epicenter of this revolution. We host over 10,000 live update sessions and 3,000 on-demand courses for colleagues in 150+ countries, alongside dynamic peer-to-peer discussions that reach hundreds of thousands of HCPs globally. Our core mission? To democratize access to top-tier medical resources for every HCP, anywhere in the world. This mission-centric approach has led to unprecedented engagement levels within the global healthcare community.

But we don’t just reach clinicians; we engage them deeply and meaningfully. Our platform boasts an impressive 80% clinician participation rate in sentiment surveys, enabling pioneering data analysis that quantifies the real impact of interactions beyond clicks and impressions. At MedAll, we’re redefining digital HCP engagement to be authentic, measurable, and scalable. Visit and join the revolution.

MultiM3d is the central, independent streaming platform designed exclusively for healthcare professionals. It provides access to expert perspectives, diseases, and medicines information, all sourced from the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies.”

Available anytime, anywhere, MultiM3d’s mission is clear: we’re here to facilitate seamless, personalised interactions between healthcare professionals and Pharma in one central platform, as we strive to inspire the industry to continually elevate the quality of digital content for the ultimate benefit of the patients they serve.

ON24 is on a mission to re-imagine how companies engage, understand and build relationships with their audience in a digital world. Through our leading sales and marketing platform for digital engagement, businesses use our portfolio of webinar, virtual event and content experiences to drive engagement and generate first-party data, delivering revenue growth across the enterprise – from demand generation to customer success to partner enablement.

Quark knows content and has been providing content automation, intelligence and design software for over 40 years. Quark Publishing Platform (QPP) NextGen, our end-to-end content lifecycle management solution for pharmaceutical and life sciences companies, simplifies enterprise content complexity by streamlining and automating content planning, creation, XML-based structured authoring, collaboration, omnichannel publishing and AI-driven analytics using one central CCMS (component content management system) platform.

QPP NextGen gives the unique choice for content writers and subject-matter experts to use their familiar Microsoft Word software to author structured, reusable and compliant content without any XML training, or use a web browser interface if they prefer. QPP NextGen is ideal for content types and use cases including pharmacovigilance reports, pharma labels, regulatory submission drafts, test specification & analytical procedures, common technical documents, post-market survey update reports, medical communications and more.

The SafeGuard Cyber platform is trusted by some of the world’s largest Pharmaceutical Commercial Teams to facilitate compliant engagement with healthcare professionals (HCP) and patients through popular communication channels such as WhatsApp, Line Works, Signal, SMS, MS Teams, and others. In fact, Pharma Digital Leaders have reported exceptional levels of engagement when two-way communication is enabled. SafeGuard Cyber empowers organizations to undergo digital transformation, achieve regulatory compliance, and foster unprecedented engagement through various mobile and web messaging, collaboration apps, and social media platforms. Its intuitive, out-of-the-box, and custom policy application and visibility tools boost field force business communication adoption, encourage social selling and improve the HCP and Patient experience in over 50 languages worldwide.