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Unleash AI & New Tech’s Potential To Transform HCP & Patient Engagement, Drive Personalisation Of Content & Experiences & Deliver Powerful, Long-Term Commercial Success Compliantly Through

AI-Savvy, Engaging & Transformative Omni-Channel Digital Pharma Marketing Strategies Which Put Customers First

08.30    Registration & Informal Networking

09.00    GIC Welcome & Morning Chair’s Opening Remarks 

Opening Remarks 

Ayesha Aziz-Akosa, Head of Global Marketing, Established Brands, Astellas Pharma


Panel & Q&A

Maximising Winning Digital

09.10    Tap Into The Groundbreaking Advances In Digital Tech & AI To Transform Marketing Strategies For Best-In-Class Customer & Stakeholder Engagement

  • AI has the potential to revolutionise the industry, but in the here and now, how can it be implemented effectively into existing strategies to complement existing tools?
  • How can cross-functional teams be equipped with the skills and data-driven foundations to truly advance customer and stakeholder engagement?
  • Ambassadors for change: why it is critical to get senior leadership team buy-in and sponsorship for new and innovative digital transformation and AI projects 

Aisha Khan, Digital Transformation & Strategic Marketing Director, Teva


Panel & Q&A

Inspirational & Practical Insights Into Transformative Technology

09.30    Harness AI’s Potential To Revolutionise Digital Pharma & Develop It Into A Business-As-Usual Tool That Drives Real Results & Growth

  • Customer profiling, content generation, developing insights, customer experience… when AI has the potential to impact all areas of pharma marketing, how can the areas with the most value be determined?

  • With compliance and regulation in AI still developing, how can pharma marketers stay compliant when integrating AI solutions?

  • From pilot to operational: how can teams scale-up AI pilots and turn them from a theoretical benefit into a business-as-usual tool delivering demonstrable value?
  • Practical advice: what’s one way in which digital teams can integrate AI into their day-to-day strategies today to improve efficiencies or results?

Francisco J Domingo, Business Unit Director & Corporate Affairs Head, Adamed Spain

David Wilson, Digital Programme Director, Kyowa Kirin

Vaibhav Kabra, Director – Data, Digital & Technology Products, Novartis

Inês Oliveira, Head of Commercial – Iberian Affiliate, CSL Vifor

Saibal Mukherjee, Director Legal, Global Data, Digital & Technology, Takeda

Daniel Viriato, Head of Oncology, Novartis Ireland

Anuja Agarwal, Head of Customer Engagement & Transformation, General Medicines, Sanofi UK & Ireland

10.00 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner


New Strategies, Real Results

10.15    Leverage Key Digital Solutions To Maximise Engagement & Develop Meaningful Relationships With Healthcare Professionals

  • How can digital interactions be tailored to individual HCP preferences to enhance engagement and deliver value?
  • What digital platforms and innovative tools can best facilitate seamless and impactful communications between pharma and HCPs?
  • How should we deliver value-adding content that resonates with HCPs and fosters trust and long-term partnerships?

Sander Ruitenberg, Global Head of Omnichannel & Digital Operations, CSL Vifor

10.35  Morning Refreshment Break With Informal Networking & Peer Benchmarking On Challenges & Obstacles


Panel & Q&A

11.05    Drive Powerful & Customer-Centric Omnichannel Strategies That Exceed Customer Expectations Through Insight-Led Strategies

  • How can AI be embedded in omnichannel strategies to deliver the ideal next-best-action for customers and deliver what they are looking for at key touchpoints?
  • How can pharma marketers seamlessly blend multiple digital channels for a cohesive and impactful campaign?
  • Develop innovative and engaging content that captures attention throughout a campaign’s lifespan
  • With customer-facing teams a crucial part of the omnichannel approach, how can on and offline touchpoints be joined together to deliver seamless experiences for customers?

Andrea Marzoli, VP Global Sales & Marketing Lead, Kyowa Kirin International plc

Jason Yau, Director – Global Omnichannel Excellence, Merck

Tom Parker, Customer Excellence Director, Europe, Shionogi Europe

Phoebos Stergiou, Head of Omnichannel Customer Engagement, Gilead Sciences

11.35    Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner

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Main-Stage Presentation

12.05    Drive Powerful Patient Journeys & Experiences Through Patient-Centric Digital Support & Strategies

  • Understand the rise of virtual, augmented and mixed reality applications in medical education and customer engagement
  • How can patients be empowered and health literacy enhanced through interactive digital medical education solutions?
  • Case Study – The INSIGHT PROSTATE App; high quality unbranded augmented reality app explaining prostate cancer to patients
  • Understand how integrated omni-channel activities are key for success

Dr. Barbara Stollfuss, Head Digital Customer Strategy & Innovation, Bayer


Panel & Q&A

12.05    Have Your Questions Answered By Our Expert Panel & Develop Powerful Two-Way Collaboration Between Marketing & Compliance Teams

  • With AI legislation across countries complex and underdeveloped, how can marketing teams stay compliant when introducing generative AI into marketing strategies?
  • Develop consistent and open channels of communication between marketing and compliance teams to break down barriers and bring teams on the same page
  • When digital innovations move faster than legislation can keep up, how can marketing and compliance collaborate to integrate new tech and ideas, ensuring innovation isn’t stifled?

Dr Emilio Rubio, Head Internal Audit & Control, Sandoz


12.30    Craft Compelling Narratives Through Personalised & Engaging Content That Delivers Real Results Across All Audience Segments

  • Generative AI has the potential to transform content generation and factories, but how can it most effectively be utilised to develop transformative content, whilst staying within the boundaries of compliance needs?
  • Translate data and insights into personalised content, and give your audience what it wants, when it wants it
  • When expectations around quantity of content are increased, how can digital marketers continue to deliver truly engaging and innovative content at scale?
  • Just having commercial content isn’t enough! How can pharma brands leverage storytelling and educational content to truly engage their audience?

Luca Frangoni, Global Head of Content & Execution Excellence, Boehringer Ingelheim

12.50     Lunch & Informal Networking For Speakers, Delegates & Partners

13.50     Afternoon Chairs’ Opening Remarks

Opening Remarks

Ana Cerdeira, Global Head Commercial Development Assets, Grünenthal AG


Panel & Q&A - Cross-Sector Inspiration

Hear Unmissable Insights From The Cross-Sector Disruptors Transforming Digital Marketing For A New Age & What Key Innovations Are Remodelling Marketing Strategies Outside Of The Pharmaceutical Industry.

14.30    Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner


15.00   Foster A Culture Of Change & Accelerate Digital Adoption With Dynamic Transformation Strategies

  • How can senior pharma leaders be truly brought into digital transformation and developed as champions and ambassadors of large-scale transformation?
  • How can new digital strategies be embedded across global and cluster teams, joining the dots internally into a cohesive strategy?
  • Overcome change resistance within teams and truly showcase the value of digital strategies to bring the whole organisation along on the journey

Liv Trolle, Director, Head of Customer Engagement Excellence, Global Customer Experience, Lundbeck A/S

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Main-Stage Presentation

15.20    Unlock The Right Channel Mix For Your Audience & Maximise Customer & Stakeholder Engagement For Long-Term Value

  • What innovative channels are available to engage customers and reach your audience where they already are?
  • With regulation especially stringent in this area, how can compliance with regulations be ensured while maximising social media outreach?
  • Tailor messaging and content effectively for individual channels and ensure your messaging is impacting and engaging your audience

Mohammed Ali Faruqi, Associate Vice President, Head of Digital Marketing & Engagement, Viatris


15.20    Network & Discuss Hot Topics With Insightful Experts & Have You Key Issues Answered In Our Troubleshooting Clinics

A) Training Cross-Functional Medical & Commercial Teams

Colin Williams, Global Lead, Omnichannel Marketing Excellence, Astellas Pharma


B) Marketing Automation

C) AI Troubleshooting Clinic

Emma Harris, Omnichannel Lead & DPO , Ferring Pharmaceuticals

D) Compliance Troubleshooting Clinic


15.45    Deliver Data-Driven Campaigns & Marketing Strategies Through Unlocking Business-Critical Insights Into Customer Behaviours & Preferences

  • How can the varied and often siloed data sources marketers have access to be joined together to boost insights and strategies?
  • How can customer behavioural data be optimised to improve targeting, personalisation and overall results?
  • With so much data available, how can digital teams determine the datapoints and insights that truly unlock growth and deliver demonstrable value?

Kiren Dulai, Senior Global Manager, Omnichannel Enablement, Mundipharma

16.05   Afternoon Drinks Reception With Informal Networking


Panel & Q&A

16.35    Deliver Joined-Up, Seamless Digital Journeys Through Key Customer Insights & Maximising Digital Platforms & Technologies

  • Deliver advanced personalisation for customers and deliver the individualised journeys that truly match customer needs
  • Your customers are using other platforms as well! What key customer trends are in the wider CX space, and how best can the pharmaceutical industry replicate these whilst staying compliant?
  • How can real-time data analytics help optimise customer journeys and deliver smooth and seamless experiences for customers?

Brian Kudeba, VP, Digital Technology Strategy & Transformation, Ipsen

Kevin Charef, Senior Director, Digital Innovation & Omnichannel Lead, Novartis

Daniela Alessandrini, Business Unit Director Onco-Haematology & SC-I Italy, Sobi

Hugo Barbosa, EU Customer Omnichannel Director, ViiV Healthcare

Shreyash Jain, Associate Director, Commercial Digital & Innovation, International, AstraZeneca


Keynote Case Study


Simone Rabora, Global Marketing Director Oncology, Ipsen


17.25    Showcase Real ROI & Business Value From Digital Engagement Strategies & Demonstrate The Impact Of Digital Marketing On The Bottom Line

  • How can marketers balance quantitative and qualitative datapoints effectively to give a true reflection of overall campaign success?
  • With complex customer touchpoints across omnichannel campaigns, how can the true value of individual components be measured and evaluated to drive future success?
  • Go beyond NPS and harness innovative and insightful methods of tracking customer sentiment to truly drive customer-centric decision-making

Callum Lea, Global Head of Digital Channels, Teva Pharmaceuticals

17.45    Afternoon Chairs’ Closing Remarks & Official Close Of Conference